Magento – NetSuite Connector

Integrate your eCommerce retail store with your backend ERP systems for timely order fulfillment, accurate product availability, and real-time statuses on orders, cancellations, and refunds with Magento – NetSuite connector. Our Magento – NetSuite connector will transform your experience and spur new growth.

Integrating Magento retail systems with NetSuite has significant payoffs for both your customers and business. You can improve the efficiency of your processes, the result would be a better customer experience.

Using this you can synchronize quickly and easily all the orders, products, and customers information between Magento and NetSuite without requiring additional development or IT support. Integration will make your operations more efficient by automating the transactions between your Magento webstore and NetSuite.

Our solution based on Point-to-Point integration methodology, this is affordable and extendable. We are also providing the solution Multichannel Integration using .NET based third-party application for enterprise business houses.

Key Capabilities

Order management

Almost realtime sales order synchronization in NetSuite from your online Magento store.

Shipping & fulfillment

You can update shipping and fulfillment at NetSuite to notify the customer at Magento.

Payment & Invoicing

Payment and invoicing can be updated at both the system to improve customer satisfaction.

Refunds & Cancellation

Hassle free refunds and cancellation process improve the customer satisfaction.

Stock Management

Real-time stock update in both the system will improve the sales and customer experience.

Product & Variations

Use the product capability of NetSuite and Magento for product variations and attributes.

Explore the capability of Magento and NetSuite to transform your customer experiences and spur new growth for your business.

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Many Ways to do Integration

Smart Ways to Integrate Connectors

Prebuilt, Ready to Deploy

Full-featured integrations that are ready to deploy, configure, and run


Clickable configuration options to support unique business processes

Expertise in a Box

Unmatched domain expertise embedded in each connector

Simpler Field Mappings

Unmatched domain expertise embedded in each connector

Integration App

Managed SaaS app with ongoing updates handled automatically

Extendable and Flexible

Easily extendable and customizable to meet your unique business requirements.