3PL Integration with NetSuite

Streamline your logistics by integrating NetSuite with 3PL

3PL stands for Third-Party Logistics, which is used for supply chain management and logistics to outsource or fulfillment services and business distribution. 3PL transport goods at the retail store or the customer’s door on schedule time.


    • Export Sales Orders to 3PL
    • Export Purchase Orders to 3PL
    • Import Fulfillments from 3PL
    • Import Item Receipts from 3PL

3PL Capabilities

    • Shipping Address Validation
    • Transaction Details (Sales Order, Purchase Order)
    • Complete or Partial Fulfilment
    • Tracking Information

KPI Dashbaord

    • Import Intransaction Details
    • Export Transaction Details
    • Sync Status
    • Error or issue details

Manage and monitor integration flows and errors in real time with an intuitive role based dashboard. Currently implemented with IFS (Imagine Fulfillment Services) and Teckwah well integrated with NetSuite.

Many Ways to do Integration

Smart Ways to Integrate Connectors

Prebuilt, Ready to Deploy

Full-featured integrations that are ready to deploy, configure, and run


Clickable configuration options to support unique business processes

Expertise in a Box

Unmatched domain expertise embedded in each connector

Simpler Field Mappings

Unmatched domain expertise embedded in each connector

Integration App

Managed SaaS app with ongoing updates handled automatically

Extendable and Flexible

Easily extendable and customizable to meet your unique business requirements.